Through this very popular facility,our working class customers have the opportunity to take various amount of credits to pay their children’s school fees, finance their projects, and acquire valuable household items or any other useful venture. This goes without strain at all. The worker concerned will only need the official consent of his/her employer; and after all loan document have been duly completed and assembled, it takes just days for loan to go through.

This product, otherwise known as overdraft, is also for worker-customers. Workers find this facility very helpful since, it saves them from unforeseen financial hardships before their salaries are ready.


This product has been specifically designed for women groupings to access credit, otherwise known as Nsoatreman Women Empowerment Scheme(NWES). 


This product, otherwise known as  “Abusuapanin Animonyam” is designed to relief  the anxiety of the head of the bereaved families financially. 


This is a non interest bearing demand deposit account.

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